Sunday, July 28, 2013

Malakahana Falls

  Mike and I set out today to do Laie Falls today.
A well known hike that I have been itching to check off my list. 
I had a little difficulty finding trail head directions due to there being more then one turn off and everything pretty much looks the same.
 Little did we know...we missed the turn off to Laie Falls and ended up hiking the Malaekahana Trail.
 This trail is 8 miles and we were not prepared for that. 
 The hike has lots of different terrain. From whispering pines to hot, loose dirt.
We were in the middle of NO WHERE! 
All that we heard was the tour helicopters every 20 min.

We had been hiking for awhile now and our water was running low. After every hill we climbed, we would hope to soon hear water....and the trail just kept going. 
 A long winding path of Strawberry Guava. 
That means tons of fruit flies!
 After a little bit longer, enough was enough. We just weren't prepared to do this long of a trek today. I definitely would have loved to actually see the falls and jump in, but I will just have to save that for another day.
 But I did not forget about the hike we actually came here for. 
Laie Falls is still on my list! 
After all the hot sun, we made a quick stop at The North Shore #1 Fish Taco's.
We were STARVING! 
Both got the fish tacos and a order of pork nachos.
They were pretty good. I don't know if they were the "best" I have ever had, but they definitely hit the spot.

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  1. Wow what a hike pics are great was just reading about a bad storm you guys you are suppose to get be safe please take care