Friday, July 5, 2013

Kealia Trail

  I met my new favorite hiking friend a couple days ago, Michelle...and her pup Jax.
We headed out west to a trail that overlooked Dillingham Airfield.
 This trail has a million switchbacks, but with each turn you took, there are amazing views.

 We started the trail pretty early to try to dodge the heat....Lets just say that it didn't help much. 
It was hot!
Jax was pooped! and we were still about 20-30 minutes away from the top.
We decided that it was enough for him and headed back down.
Definitely don't want a over heated puppy!

 I love meeting people that have the same interests as me. 
Thanks Michelle for a great day!


  1. How cool to meet another blogger and hiker near you! Looks like a great hike.

  2. How fun! This place looks amazing.

  3. Yay! ! Can't wait to go back and for our next hiking date :) So fun! Jax says he had fun too.