Saturday, August 31, 2013

Snorkeling a Plane Wreck....but had no such luck

It was a beautiful day on the water. A little choppy, which is not a good thing when you are prone to sea sickness like me, but still a good day. 
We were off to kayak into the middle of the ocean, just off a popular beach name Lanakai.
We were practically serching for a needle in a hay stack being out there.
Bellow Airfield Base is directly next to Lanakai, and in 1947 and small plane had engine failure and crashed.
The military just left the plane out there just a few hundred feet from shore, but a storm came in the 70s and drug it out further.  
We were on a hunt to find and free dive it.
Easier said then done.
We had specific grid coordinates, but my husband and his watch weren't with us so we had know way of entering them in anywhere.
Even if we did end up finding the plane, we forgot to bring an anchor for the kayaks, and the current was not in out favor. 
So we sat, took in the sun and pretty much gave up...after bobbing and rocking a lot!
One word:
I had symptoms of pregnancy finally...but not because I am pregnant.
We haven't given up, just postponed this adventure. 
Mike needs to hurry home so I can use the computer on his wrist....and because I miss him.  

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