Sunday, December 15, 2013

Its Finally Christmas in my House! But I will now have get a second job!

We are so late this year with our Christmas Decorations!
Sense we were going to be on vacation, and didn't want our friend that was staying with Bolo to have to take care of a tree also, we decided to get one later on when we got home. 
Well, we learned our lesson with waiting! 
Passing by the place (on base) where we got our tree last year, and seeing that they have absolutely NONE left, we made our way out of the gates to look around in town. 
Lets just say, I have never in my life spent so much $$$ on a tree...EVER! 
I'm actually cringing thinking why we even bought one at this price.
Its the smallest tree Iv probably ever had too. I'm talking like barely 5ft.
I understand that they have to ship them from the mainland, but OMG!
So, we will be enjoying our EXPENSIVE, TINY tree for a total of 10 days.
Anything for a Merry Christmas I guess.


  1. Next time check out Helemano Farms up near NCTAMS! They had really reasonable prices for trees they cut down right in front of you. We got ours from there on November 30th and it's still going strong. Even though it's different from a traditional tree (it's a Norfolk Pine), everyone seems to love how it looks!

  2. Bummer for having to spend so much but your tree looks great!

  3. I think Bolo makes your tree perfect. His expression is awesome!

  4. Beautiful tree, and adorable pup! ^_^