Friday, December 27, 2013


I am extremely disappointed that once again, I have missed the Pipe Masters.
I don't even know how it happen....well maybe I do.
 I had to work.

That being said, I talked Mike into taking a drive to see the waves anyways. 
Hawaii is known for their enormous swells during winter time.

First stop, 
Pregnant lady's gotta eat.  
Stopped at the famous Mikes Huli Huli Chicken. 
All I really wanted was the mac salad though. 
That's probably the one thing that I have craved a lot of during this pregnancy.
We made it to Banzi...with all the other tour groups. 
I didn't even think they stopped here. 
I can no longer see my feet.
 After getting a little tan, we continued up north to Haleiwa. 
Shopped and walked around.
 On our way home, when of course I desperately had to pee, we were detoured way out of our way due to our President's scheldual. 
This is what happens when he comes for his Christmas vacation in your small town.
45 minutes of sitting and waiting.
Looks like fun, right?
Beach time with my handsome boy.
  Digging Hill View
 and just because it is December 27th and 80 degrees outside...


  1. I so miss winters in Hawaii, sure best the freezing tempts here on the mainland.

  2. Oh man we just moved from Florida to a much colder place and these pictures really make me wish I was back there right now! Very jealous of you!

  3. The water always looks amazing in your pictures. Makes me envious! And the food. Can you post more food pics pleease! Haha. Looks really yummy!