Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Big Island: Manta Ray Snorkel

For me, this was the reason I wanted to visit The Big Island.
I have heard so many amazing things about the tour to snorkel/dive with the Manta's. 
The top 10 most amazing things to do in your lifetime - Travel Channel 

I booked with Big Island Divers.
Everyone that made Yelp reviews loved them.
We had good weather, and calm seas, so things were going great so far.
I was hoping for a little of a extra show because of it being whale luck.
 Once we got to the spot where the Manta Rays are (about 30 min boat ride), we anchored and waited for the sun to set while learning some info all about the creatures. 
Backing up a little...before we even left on this trip, I had a Dr.s appointment and asked her what I could take for my sea sickness....because EVERY TIME I step onto a boat, I loose my lunch!
She prescribed me something for prenatal nausea.
I took it before we left to meet at the boat.  
So as we are rocking and I am starting to sweat, we still have to put our wet suits on...which mine definitely smelled like pee...that did not help!
(Anyone that is reading this...peeing in a wetsuit is the worst thing you can do. You can never get that smell out!)
Anyways, I knew I just needed to hold it together because once I get into the cool water, things would get better.
We finally jumped in, after it felt like 4 hours of bobbing and swaying.
They constructed a surfboard with PVC pipe around it so everyone holds on to that while we swim to where the lights are.
Manta's eat plankton, and plankton are attracted to light.
 These fish also eat plankton, so there were a lot of them too.
 This is where I wish things were just a tad different. 
There are divers underneath us snorkelers. So every time the divers breath, the bubbles come up and make it really hard to see.
Maybe if they had two separate areas? It wasn't that big of a deal, but I would have been nice to not be consumed with bubbles for the whole 45 minutes. 
(I'm probably just jealous that I couldn't dive with them)
I'm still a little depressed about this next part.  
We saw 2.
They said there record war 42!
So, with that said....
I have the WORST pictures that you could ever imagine.
Yes, that is it.
I am so grateful that there was even two at all because it could have been even worst. 
It was a amazing experience, and I'm glad Mike gave in and did it with me...(he wasn't thrilled about the idea)
So on the boat ride home....I did end up loosing my lunch, and dinner...never fails. 
I think that was my last boat ride for a VERY long time.

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  1. Bummer there was only 2! There weren't that many when I went either, but seeing a couple was still amazing.