Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Big Island: Chain of Craters- Kilauea Iki

 I'm back!!!
and our trip was great! 
We spent 6 days on The Big Island trying to see all that we could in those 144 hours.
Our first stop was the Kilauea Military Camp which is pretty much the heart of Volcano National Park, so our journey starts there.

 I apologize in advance....there are going to be a TON of posts/pictures!

Chain of Craters Map
-This road is 18.3 miles long (one way), with numerous places to stop.

The first stop is a lookout and the trail-head of a hike.
Kilauea Iki
Its a pit crater still steaming from the 1959 eruption.
 The active crater, Kilauea is in the distance.
 Starting the trail, its more like a rainforest.
 Descending 400 feet to the bottom.
 There are steam vents all thought the hike, but the steam is hard to capture in a picture. :(

Looking back from where we came. This 4 mile hike was pretty amazing.

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