Monday, July 7, 2014

4th Recap

This weekend was pretty low key. Mike had a couple days off so we did things around the house.
I have a few house projects in the works right now so they are pretty much taking up all my free time. 
Even with all the busyness around the house, we still had to give Emma her very first taste of Independence Day.
We BBQed and then headed to the beach to meet up with friends for the firework show. 
 Look at that handsome pup behind Emma.

 (pics courtesy of a friend)

There was a small (very small) air show before the main event.
Then the sun went down.
 Watching fireworks with my toes in the sand and the refection from the water has truly spoiled me.
Although Emma was present for the fireworks, she missed all the loud noises and bright lights.
She was curled up under a blanket in my arms sleeping away. 


  1. What a fun 4th! Emma looks so cute. :)

  2. What a cutie pie!!!!!!! I love her little 4th of July outfit!

  3. That sounds like the perfect way to celebrate!

  4. SO cute in her outfit. Sounded like a wonderful day!

  5. Emma looks like she enjoyed her first 4th of July!!! Your so right watching the firework show over the ocean is pretty spectacular!!!!