Friday, July 18, 2014

The interesting parts of Hawaii

There are "interesting" people everywhere! 
But in the Hawaiian Islands, these "interesting" people are all stuck on an island with no where else to go so there seems to be a lot more here then the mainland.

Just a couple of "interesting" people I have come across in my years living here. 

Poor Guy!
I just don't think I would ever see this back on the mainland.
-my dad burnt down my frozen banana stand. anything helps-
 To each its own...I just don't feel that the color orange should ever be a color someone strives for.
 Only in Hawaii...that's for sure!
This isn't that different...but I thought it cute.
Owner really likes pink!
5 Lhasa Apso's in a stroller, walking down the busy street of Waikiki?
One of the most memorable signs I have seen. 
Hawaiian schools don't have be best reputation.
I just hope these people were just trying to be funny.

Little do I know, people might think I'm part of the "interesting" crowd.


  1. So true. People surprise me practically every day here. Have you seen Santa playing the violin on the beach in Waikiki? :)