Monday, July 28, 2014

Little Mermaid

 Two some-what decent photos of Emma....out of seems like a 100.

I bought this mermaid outfit before she was even born knowing that Hawaii was the most perfect spot to wear it....and get some great photos.
 I wanted to wait till she was able to sit up on her own for the photos, but that wasn't going to happen. She is starting to get a little long for the tail and that's not cute if her diapers showing.

I brought with me a sheet to lay her down on but I didn't really want it in any of the photos so opted not to use it. 
Bad Idea.

 Here comes hand to mouth
 Sand on tongue
 All over after that
 I'm not going to give up quite yet.
 I am determined to get my perfect picture. 
Next time we just might try a different backdrop where there isn't so much sand.


  1. OMG, this is to cute!!! The progress pictures were just to funny. She's such a beach baby!!

  2. She looks precious!!! I love it!!!!

  3. I love it when bloggers keep it real. :) I've so been there. Now I can threaten mine for the perfect pic, but that doesn't always work either.

  4. Poor baby but I giggled sooo hard at the hand to mouth with sand. I could see mine doing that. I know it wasn't fun for her but it's still cute!

  5. These are perfect! What a great idea :)

  6. What an great idea for a photo! She is an adorable, little mermaid! Super cute!