Saturday, July 26, 2014

5 Months

My baby Emma is 5 months old!
 I just cant believe how fast it goes.
She has been such a little angle. 
I am having so much fun with her....and I hope her with me. :) 

She is loving:
 grabbing and holding on to things (including hair and sunburn shoulders)
 putting EVERYTHING in her mouth
being talked to / sung to
baby massage
 having her ears cleaned
the wash cloth during bath time
watching baby apps on my phone 

 Not so great things:
trimming nails (she puts up a really good fight)
rice cereal :(

The big thing this month has been her rolling from her stomach to back.  I didn't think she was interested in doing it at all but she surprised me. She has recently when from back to stomach now.


  1. Hmmmm you have my attention with baby apps on the phone! She's a cutie!!