Thursday, July 17, 2014

Baby updates

Both my baby's had doctor appointments last week.

 Ill start with Emma.
She is doing great.
People say all the time how little she is...even from the doctor when he walks into the room. He says she is right on track though. Not big or small but just where she is suppose to be.
She weighs 12lbs 8oz now
24 inches
We talked about her starting rice cereal which I am pretty excited about. Emma is still having a difficult time sleeping throught the night. She has her good and bad nights but mostly leaning towards the bad. She has yet to sleep more then 4 hours without feeding.  I'm hoping that it with fill her tummy to give us both a more restful night sleep. 
She also received her 4 month vaccines.
She did well. Only a quick cry and it was over.
I gave her a little Tylonal before we left so hopefully that made her a more comfortable. She bruised where the shots were giving so her legs were pretty sensitive for a few days after.
We are still working on rolling over. She doesn't seem interested in it at all.
Also, I just bought her a amber teething necklace. Iv heard so much about it so we are going to test it out and see if it comforts her. 

On to the pup.
I had a few concerned with him lately.
First off, I knew he had a little ear infection so that had to be taken care of.
 Next was the spot on his tail that is loosing hair. Come to find out, a lot of male intact bully breeds get "stud tail". Doesn't affect him so that nice to no.
He has been having a few issues with blisters like spots on his paws. (you can see a little one in the picture above next to his pad) They puss and bleed sometimes so I was nervous about the diagnoses with this problem. 
That is whats been causing it.
I swear...we can never get away from allergy's. Sheba, now Bolo.
Changing food, and wiping paws after a walk will hopefully do the trick.
I had been putting hydrogperoxid on the spots before and it was drying them out. I think I'm going to start that again.
   Poor guy had his 3rd traumatic experience on Tuesday. Well maybe is was more traumatic for myself then for him. For yes, the 3rd time he has been attacked by the same dog that lives 5 houses down with a very irresponsible owner. This time Bolo was bleeding so I was pissed! Thank goodness Mike was with me on the walk. A stroller and two dogs going at it by myself would not have been a fun time. I look back now and wish I wouldnt have said a few things to this woman (owner) but it was the 3RD TIME! She should not be a dog owner if she plain out that dumb. Its as simple as not letting go of her aggressive dogs leash. That is it!
 We finally had to do something that we have never done before for any occasion. We called to report it. If there is a 4th time and something happens to her dog, we don't want to be the ones to be blamed.

Well, there ya have it. 
The update of my kids.
Nothing to serious thank god!


  1. What an irresponsible pet owner! Just ridiculous.

  2. Your babies are beautiful! I'm looking forward to following each other's journeys. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.