Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sensory Fun

Emma is at the stage of, I can not sit still. I'm pretty sure this stage last...what, like 15 years or so?
I try to find activity's to keep her busy.
All of them I have found on good-ol-pintrest. 
Some were a win....others I recommend the Do NOT Try At Home warning.

First we tried the yogurt painting. 
This was the best activity so far.

This next one was pretty similar to the yogurt painting but it used cereal instead of yogurt. 
 I wish I would have made it a better color then orange. Orange doesn't look that appetizing.
 I added so much water to this and I was still nervous that she was going to get a huge glob in her mouth and choke.

 Every time we walk upstairs (to change a diaper) we stop and make funny faces at the mirror hanging by the stairs. 
I took the mirror down for her to go crazy at it.

OK so I'm not going to lie. I'm a little embarrassed about this next idea....that I found on PINTREST!
Filling up a bath with bubbles and using food coloring to make the bubbles all different colors. 
How fun is that!...right?!?
Yes...Im not sure why I could not remember that food coloring STAINS!!!!!! 
I gave Emma 3 baths after this and she still had a hue of pink skin, not to mention the blue on her nose.
Also...I have now ruined my shower curtain, bathroom rug and decorative towel.
Thanks Pintrest!
You suck!

I decided to be a little cruel and it kinda backfired on me.
I gave Emma her first taste of a lemon.
 I was expecting to get some squishy faces
 instead she loved it!
 That has been our fun lately.


  1. Haha I love that she loves lemons. Smart girl! :)

  2. Oh seriously the mirror pictures and lemon ones are to cute. I love that little tongue sticking out, she's such a doll. The food coloring in the bath, yea I never would have though it would have been so awful but makes total since thinking about it. I bet it was a mess.

  3. 1) Emma is adorable! And 2) I need to follow you on pinterest because you find the best things to do! I'm attempting the Love stand because it was awesome!

  4. She is the cutest! Her reaction to her mirror self is too adorable.