Saturday, June 13, 2015

Emma Tours Cleveland

I am not a huge basketball fan but Mike is. He is a huge fan of every sport now that I think of it. Because The Cavs are in the finals this year and they just won the last game, Mike wanted to head down to the city to check out all of the excitement.  
 Lebron is God in this town.

Setting up the ESPN announcers tent
 Tower City (mall) and the Casino 
 Browns Stadium 
 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame 
 Johnny Cashes Tour Bus 
 I don't really know anything about this ship...but you could take a tour of it so it must be something interesting.

OMG Slymans! 
Mike and I probably missed this the most.
The BEST cornbeef ever.
There were a couple other places that we wanted to stop at but just didn't have the time. We probably wont be making it back downtown while we are still here so this trip will just have to do. 
At least we ate the cornbeef. That was number one on the list. 

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  1. She is so adorable! Ok and now I want that sandwich.