Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Mike stayed back in Hawaii longer then I did for a couple of reasons. 
One of them was promotion.
I was so sad that I wasn't able to be there for it. 
I instructed that there be a lot of photos taken for me to see.

I am so proud of him

He flew home the day after and has been on leave since. 
We have been pretty busy and are about to get even busier.

We shipped my Jeep from Hawaii to the closest port to our new home...but it still has not arrived. Our plan was always to get another vehicle on the mainland after Mike sold Betty (his jeep) because there are so many more options here.  He found a couple he liked so we spent two days checking them out for the perfect fit. 
Now...two crazy stories about this experience. 
As we were buying this beauty, they take it in the back and fill it with gas, wash it and make sure its looking good before you leave. During this time we let Emma play in a small parking lot where there were no cars that she could throw rocks at. Emma sat down on the curb and suddenly out of NO WHERE a buck comes full speed ahead FEET away from trampling my baby girl. I screamed which made her start crying but OMG a buck almost took her head off! 

Which leads me to the next little story. The plan was to buy a vehicle and drive down for the weekend to our new home to look for a place to live. So the day after we bought this truck we set off early to get a head start on the day. Not even 24 hours after we signed the papers and owned the vehicle we hit a deer. It wasn't hard and I like telling myself that the deer is still alive. Mikes truck has a piece missing from the grill and a little part is cracked, but that is it. 
I think we had enough with the deer encounters for a little while. 

So on to the house hunting. 
The place where we are moving (I will do a whole post on that soon) how should I say this.
 A little old school.
We were finding it so hard to find homes for rent in the area. Its like know one moves there and know one wants to move in. I wasn't really looking for a "double wide" (not that there is anything wrong with a double wide or trailer) but that was the majority on the market. So after 2 days of only seeing 4 houses we signed a lease in a nice neighborhood just outside of the city. There is a playground down the street with a community pool and really good school system (not that Emma needs school but its nice to know there are kids in the area). 
For some reason I was thinking that we would not have any trouble finding a home on a little land. I wanted to have a couple chickens that Emma could run around with and not have neighbors right on top of us but that didn't really pan out. There were houses way below our price range in not such great places or houses way above or range that we would be house poor if we rented. Not really much in between. The last house we saw was the most "normal" out of all of them. It had a garage which was a must so we decided to go for it and just sign. We were hoping to save a few bucks from our BAH to cover utilities also but that's just not going to happen. Its just a little over but I think we will be happy there for the next 2-3 years.

 The landlords seem normal so that was a big plus too.
 I am hoping we become somewhat friends because they have a boat. :)
And they have a pretty cute dog too. 

June is definitely going to be a busy month for us. Moving, settling in, weddings, road trip to pick up my Jeep and Mike starting his new job. 
Hopefully everything runs smoothly. 


  1. Aww, I think the house is cute! I too would be devastated if I couldn't be at my husband's promotion. I'm so glad you were able to get someone to take pictures!

  2. The house looks so cute. I feel your pain when it comes to finding a house. We have moved 3 times at the same duty station because finding a house that fit our needs and growing family has proved to be harder than we thought!

  3. Oh man you have had quite the adventure lately! I love your new house, it's adorable. Hopefully your neighbors are nice as well. :)

  4. Congrats on the promotion! Always a big deal :) I hope all the rest of life falls into place this month!

  5. Such a cute little house!!! You've had quite the adventure since being back on the mainland!!! Can't wait to continue following along!!!