Monday, June 1, 2015

Emma Update

Emma is now 15 moths old.
(its going to be nice when I can start saying years instead of months because it gets all confusing sometimes)
I just still can not believe how time flies! 
We have been laying pretty low this month due to living out of a suitcase and not having a car but that doesn't mean there will be any less of pictures. 
She has two of her molars coming in so it has been a little whiny in our house lately. I was wondering what the problem was but then I brushed her teeth and there they were. 
With moving I had slowed down with her body part learning. We are getting back into it now though. She knows head, ears, nose, belly, toes, tongue and fingers. 
She says Hi. and Aww. She says "hooray" when singing the song, If you're happy and you know it.  She also is starting to say "love you'. We are working on hot, dogie and Bolo.
Eating has been a huge challenge for us. I am not sure if I am doing the right thing when it comes to this but I have no other ideas. Emma will put food in her mouth and suck on it, then spit it out. Its almost like she doesn't swallow any of it. It just ends up on the floor. So I have reverted back to....I hate to say it because my child is to old for this but....pureed baby food. She is tiny to begin with and she can not stand to loose any weight so we will do what we will have to do to keep those pounds on her. I usually feed her the normal food first and let her do her thing, then after she will eat the puree. If anyone has any tips that would be Great!
Sleeping has gotten better. I am up around 2-3 times a night instead of the 7-8 times a few months ago. The problem is that its probably because she is sleeping with me at the moment. We have a pak n play but she refuses to sleep in it. To the point where she throws up because of the screaming and crying when she is put in it. I have given into the co-sleeping but once we have a house she is going to be right back in her own room. Then the 7-8 times a night wake up will probably happen again.
My mother has commented that I was never as "hyper" as she is. She definitely has taken after her dad with all that energy.
God forbid a blanket covers her while she is sleeping.
All hell breaks loose.
 Her new favorite thing is cleaning her ears. After her bath she looks forward to  the q-tip.
Trying new things seems to really keep her busy. She will want to try it over and over get down then come right back to it and try it again.
She saw her first deer
And her first Crane

She is still loving being outside. I try to take her out as much as I can. The weather her has been a little crazy lately being sooo cold one day and sweating the next.
I cant wait to look into swimming lessons once we get settled in our new home.
She has been very independent lately. Wanting to hold Bolo's leash while on walks and breaking down if I try to help at all. It makes for a extremely long walk.
One of her "things" right now it to take a bottle (hand sanitizer, lotion...ect) and pretend to pour some in her hand, then come rub it on my back.
She loves to put chap stick on.
She has a million toys, yet she finds things around the house that she would rather play with.
Sticks, rocks, Tupperware, spoons, and this strainer seem to be her favorite as of now.
Quick update on Bolo.
He seems to be feeling as good as he can be. I notice that he has a little more energy in the morning then the afternoon and night so I try to do our walk early. He looks like he has been loosing some weight so that is a good thing. He put on 20 lbs before we knew his diagnosis and those pounds really made life hard. Still drinking a ton of water and peeing like crazy. I'm not sure that symptom will ever go away.
I am excited to see what our new home has to offer. Its a lot different then Hawaii so Emma will have new adventures coming soon.


  1. I love the photos of Emma and Bolo together, you can tell the bond they have is so special.

  2. I remember the active stage. You raised a happy confident independent child. In the long run, it will serve her well. Right are going to be one tired momma!