Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Our First Hike in WV

We have a state park pretty close to our home so I know we will have lots of outside adventure at our fingertips. 
I looked at the website for a little information on the hiking trails. They all didn't have much description to them, let alone where the trail head started so it was a guessing game as we drove around. 
The hike was called Hemlock Falls 
I picked that one first because it was only supposed to be 3/4 mile. I knew we would be going later in the day so I didn't want to be still in the woods while the sun was setting.  Also it was the only "falls" hike on the list...and I am a sucker for waterfalls! 

We finally found the trail after we asked for a little direction from a employee. 
The employee said that they just graveled the road so we couldn't miss it. 

Mikes GPS watch didn't have signal at the time when we started so we walked a good while before we turned around being way more then 3/4 mile and no sight of waterfall. 
We had took the wrong gravel path.

Just a couple pictures before the turn around. 

Once we turned around and found the right way, it was probably a mile in just to get to the trail head. So the 3/4 mile was after you made it to the head.
  There were a couple stream crossing while we continued up hill. 
Usually, with waterfall hikes, one would thing you would be walking down hill...but the trail just kept going up. 

After the 3/4 mile of practically running because Emma is becoming upset we made it to the end of the trail. 
ummm....no waterfall? 
Yes, later when I googled more about this trail, (I only actually found one and only one thing written about it) there is not waterfall on Hemlock Falls trail. 
So we quickly turned around and ran out of the woods. The plan was to let Emma finally get out of the Ergo and play a little in the stream.

Over 5 miles later...we were heading back to the truck.

It was nice to get outside and away from all of the boxes that still need to be organized at the house. I learned my lesson to do some more research on a hike next time because I was really in the mood for some cascades. 
Also...coming from Hawaii and not having to worry about the dangers (except for falling to your death off a cliff) we need to be a little more prepared with bear spray. I would not want to come in contact and not be prepared!  


  1. Tadpoles! Reminds me off home, growing up. Bears might be my worst fear on a hike! Luckily we don't have them in Southern California. They are more north. I hope bear spray is all you need!

  2. Her face in that first picture is hilarious, I love it! :)