Thursday, September 24, 2015

19 Month Emma

I wanted to do this post last month when Emma was a year n half...but that didn't happen. 
So Emma is now 19 months.
I swear every day there is something new with her. 
Emma had a check up.
With us moving she had missed her 15 month appointment, so this appointment she had two shots.
The new Dr. seemed OK. I felt a little rushed during the appointment. I am not sure if that was because Emma was being crazy in the room and she wanted to hurry it up or if they were really busy and they were trying to squeeze appointments in. 
She wrote down her height and weight for me but then forgot to hand it to me after it was over. I am guessing she weighted around 19 1/2 lbs. Her percentile was really low for weight but really high for height. 
 I went to a MOPS (moms with preschoolers) meeting. Its not really for moms with preschoolers, just moms in general.  Everyone seems really nice. While all the moms are in the meeting, the kids are in a daycare. It was Emma's first time. She walked right in and started playing. When the meeting was over, I walked to where she was and she was screaming. The caretaker said she had been upset for awhile. New things are always scary so hopefully she will get used to playing with others besides me. 
 She tells me when she goes to the bathroom now. She points to her diaper and says "du du du du" over and over in till I change her. 
My next step is to buy a little potty.
She has been OBSESSED with bubbles in her bath. 
There is no bath time if there are no bubbles.
She has been really into her education apps. on the ipad. She gets so excited to sit down and point to the objects that they are asking for. I am really impressed. She now knows was a saxophone, kangaroo, fire truck and many many more. 

She is still been really obsessed with shoes. She likes to help take Mikes shoes off after he gets home from work. She puts them in the closet and insists that the socks be taken off too. She likes to also tell other people that they have shoes on, constantly saying "shoes" in till they answer her.  
She has learned how to jump.  It has been added to her list of obsessions. 
Her dance moves are advancing. Besides clapping along she now does the roll with her hands. 
We are starting to learn how to use a fork and spoon. Sometimes I feel like she is playing more then eating and she ends up wasting food and being hungry later. 
She has a problem with getting dirty. Its like she becomes stiff and cant focus on anything else besides wiping her hands off or cleaning her shoes. I want her to be carefree with things so we are working on relaxing when things get messy. 
Books are being read at a rapid rate in my house. I am being brought a book probably every 30 minutes after we finish the last. Its a good thing my mother saved all of my books when I was a child so we have a wide range and I don't have to keep reading the same ones over and over. 
 Her favorite food as of right now are raspberry's. This baby can not get enough! 

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  1. I can't believe how big she is getting! Such a pretty girl. :)