Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Labor Day Weekend : part 2

Mike and I had talked about going camping this weekend, but never followed thru on it ahead of time making the plans. We were dissusing leaving Bolo in a tent if we went off exploring and how that would go. Of course that would not be the best situation. We would be worried the whole time about him.  With Bolo's disease and older age, he doesn't find walking for to long distances fun Whould he be whining/ barking, getting to hot or worst case someone would steal him? We decided the best way to go would to get a cabin. 
 We also weren't sure what campground we should go to. There are a ton of campsites and state parks in West Virginia, but with us waiting so long to figure the plans out, all of the ones we were calling were all booked up. 
We spent some time Saturday calling campgrounds after campground with no opening for cabins.
I chalked it up to not happening. 
Sunday rolled around and we were lazy in the morning. 
Mike called called a few other places that told us to call back the next day (sunday) because people might be leaving early. Lucky for us, there was a pet friendly cabin open.
We literally got packed up and out the door in 45 minutes, drove the hour n half and arrived there around 3:00pm.

I had saw pictures of this place before so I knew that we were headed to a beautiful place. 

Babcock State Park
It is most known for the old mill. 
Ill get back to the things we saw while we were here, but first lets talk about the tiny cabin that we called home for the night. 
Who else loves the new show Tiny Homes on HGTV!?!
 We didn't spend a lot of time in the cabin so the tininess didn't bother us. As long as Bolo was safe behind a door was all that mattered. 
We wanted to do at least one thing before dark, so we ran to the lake to get some water action.
Boley Lake
Emma and I enjoyed the ride. 
Poor Mike never gets to relax.

After a quick stop at the store, we went back to the cabin to make dinner.
We ate, saw some deer and headed to bed.