Saturday, September 12, 2015

Labor Day : Part 1

The end of the summer has come quick! Labor day for me is always the day that I feel it is totally over. Fall is always nice, but the thought of having to live in that white stuff again is giving me a ulcer. 
I just hope that West Virginia doesn't get as much snow as Cleveland does. 

We started off this holiday with a lot of things water related. 

I took Emma to a splash park that was a few city's over from us. 
I just found out about this place, so I am sad that this was the last weekend that it was open.
 She was a little scared in the beginning of all the water shooting every direction, but soon got the hang of it. 
She also tends to be a toy thief. I will bring a ton of toys for her to play with but all she wants is other kids toys. Lets just say these buckets were extremely difficult to pry out of her tiny fingers.
We checked out Rock The Park. 
 We walked around and ate lunch, all while listening to some bluegrass. 
Emma loves to dance and clap her hands whenever there is music playing so she was the entertainment. 
 They also had a car cruise. 
 Lots of pretty shiny cars that I wish I owned.
The zombie car was rigged up to move and scare people when a button was pushed. 
 There wasn't much there, so we didn't stay long at Rock the Park.

We decided that the day was still early so after Emma's nap we headed to the pool. 
This is the last weekend of the pool.
 I could not get enough of this smile, so I have a million pictures of it. 

I feel like we got a good start on this holiday weekend.  

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  1. So fun! I agree that Labor Day makes it real that summer is over.