Monday, May 23, 2016

Baby Bump #2

I cant believe that this is only my 4th post about this little guy that is growing in my belly. I always thought when baby # 2 rolled around, that I would do everything I did for Emma... meaning all the updates. I would never go longer than 2 weeks without a bump picture of her pregnancy. So far, I think I have 2 picture for this guy! Two! That's it...and I am 30 weeks! I am so disappointed in myself that I haven't documented it as well. So from here on out, I am going to start taking weekly photos, even when I look like a hot MESS!.  Sorry in advance! 

These photos were taken back in the beginning of April. 

So Yes, I have just hit the 30 week mark. I'm not going to lie and sugar coat things. I am so over it. 
I wish I could say that I am loving being pregnant again and I hope it never ends...but that is definitely not the case. I feel bad that I feel this way though. I already love this little boy with all my heart but I am just ready to have my old self back. 
When I was measured at the doctors 3 weeks ago, I weighed more than I did when I gave birth to Emma. With Emma pregnancy, I was pretty uncomfortable the last 5 or so weeks in till birth. With this little guy, I have been uncomfortable for the past 4 months. I know each pregnancy is different and I shouldn't compare, but it is hard not to. 
Also, I feel like I have been sick with a cold the whole 7 months. I swear. I have a cold EVER.SINGLE.MONTH. I am not just talking a runny nose. I am talking full on fever, soar throat, runny nose, body aches, head congestion...I could go on and on. And it lasts a good week or so. I'm not quite sure why I keep getting sick. Could it be the toddler that I am running after that comes into contact with other kids that are sick and she gives it to me?...possible. I just feel like I can not catch a break. With Emma's pregnancy I was sick once. That was when I actually went into labor so that was no fun either because I didn't have my full strength to push. My luck I will be sick again during this labor also. 
On top of being sick monthly, and the enormous weight gain I have also endured the food poisoning in the very early stage of pregnancy and the stress of the loss of my fur baby that I am still dealing with. I know woman out there have it way way worse then my situation, and I am grateful that this is all that I have to complain about, but I guess you could say I am just tired....and my head is loopy from yet again being sick as I am writing this.  

So lets get down to this baby.
He is still growing nicely. Kicking like crazy. More so then I remember Emma's movement. My glucose test came back normal. I once again was a little anemic, so I am just taking an extra dose of iron. I had my first Rhogam shot today at my appointment. For myself having a negative blood type and Mike being a positive, I need to have shots so my body doesn't reject the baby. His heartbeat was 157. My belly is measuring right at 30 weeks. I have started to be on the every two week schedule for my appointments. 
My GroupB test is coming up soon. I have my fingers crossed that I will be negative this time around. With Emma I was positive and that was not really the plan that I had in mind. With a positive test (from what I remember) you have to get to the hospital before your water breaks so you can have a shot for the bacteria. I also had to stay in the hospital a little longer to make sure everything is OK. I would really like to labor a while at home before we go into the hospital, and having a toddler at home that I am already nervous about (who she is going to stay with while I am in labor) that I want to get home as soon as possible to. So fingers crossed that I am negative this time around.  Things always work out and I really need to just shut up and let everything happen the way it will.

So that's about it as of now..or all I can remember with my congested head at the moment. I swear though, I am going to be so much better these last few weeks with my bump updates. 
His room tour is coming, along with Emma's...just because.  I am also having my pregnancy photo shoot soon and also my "just for fun" sonogram photos. 


  1. Such a precious little one!!!! :)

  2. The second time around always flies! Probably due to the chasing of the toddler. I'm sorry you've been carrying such a heavy load this pregnancy. I hope you take time to rest and relax :)