Saturday, May 14, 2016

Getting Outside

I have been trying to get outside everyday because I think it makes Emma and myself feel better. She seems to nap better, eat better and sleep better on days that we are busy doing stuff so I would like to keep that routine.

I am consolidating a bunch of days into one.

Coonskin Park 
She was not scared at all about feeding the ducks by hand. I was more worried about the pieces she was feeding them were so small. Iv never been bit by a duck so I wasn't sure how it would feel.  

 Reiner Park 
On this day, we came to play on the playground. We didn't even have food with us to feed any ducks and these guys were pissed! 
I had no personal space! 
I have not had really had any luck with sunsets here.  

Kanawha State Park 
Fishing with sticks. 

Wine Cellar Park 
'Making a wish'

Spring has arrived finally! 
Things are starting to be a lot more green which isn't so depressing. 
I met a friend at one of my favorite parks to run some energy out of the kids. 
It decided to rain while we were there. 

Sticks have always been her favorite things to collect.
She likes to touch each tree with the stick as we walk by them.

Carriage Trail

I want this bench!

She could play in water for hours

Coonskin Park
Abandoned Rail
West Virginia has a crazy amount of train tracks...because of all the coal, so there is bound to be a lot of tracks that are not used any longer also.

Cato Park
A friend invited me to a picnic near one of the parks that she lives by. A couple family's were doing a potluck and then the city put on a "info about bats talk/ a hike / lanterns release". It was nice to meet some new people and it gave Emma some time to run around with other kids. I wish Mike would have been in town to meet some people also.

Neighborhood Bike ride

Wine Cellar Park

I am so glad the leaves are green again.

We had never walked around the whole lake before, and this day we finally did. It doesn't look that big but it took us a good while to circle around.

As you can tell, we are outside a lot. Home is still a little empty for us so I like to take my mind off of the things that still make me sad.

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