Saturday, May 14, 2016

Circus Time

We bought tickets to the circus a couple months ago when we heard they were coming to town. West Virginia is the last stop that the elephants will be in the show because they are retiring. 
Even though I feel tremendously bad for these beautiful animals, I still wanted to take Emma to see them before they were gone for good. They are headed to a place in Florida for their retirement. Hopefully they are able to run free and live happy because I definitely think they deserve it. 
I still feel bad for all the other animals in the show. I think they all deserve to have grass under their feet and the sun on their back. Hopefully one day they will have that feeling. 
I had never been to the circus. Mike had went once when he was really young but didn't remember it to much, so it was a new experience for all three of us. 
Overall, I thought it was really good. 
They really keep us entertained. 
There was of course one little small thing that was a little annoying.  It really wasn't that big of a deal so I wasn't even going to write it. But...just because.
So we bought 3 seats. We didn't need to because Emma is 2, but we did because we know our daughter. She likes to stand up and move around a little bit and we wanted her to be comfortable, as well as ourselves. 
So when we sat down, I sat down right next to Mike (helping hold napkins, popcorn and a snow cone), with Emma on Mikes lap because she was eating (and he was helping). The show was about to start and I was going to soon move over to give us a little more room. 
All of a sudden a (older) man with his wife and child sit down right beside one of the seat we paid for.
I had said something very nicely about us paying for that seat but I think he was hard of hearing...and from the loudness from the show. I'm not one for confrontation either. 
So we tried to enjoy the first half of the show with Emma squirming to not be held it was hot in there!
During intermission Mike said something politely and the man went back up to his seats. 
The second half was so much better. We enjoyed the show so much more...and so did Emma. 

I think it would have been so cool in my younger days to be a performer in the circus. Traveling around like they do. I'm sure it gets old, but for a little while I would have probably liked it. 

Overall, I think it was a pretty great show. I can finally say that I have been to the circus! 

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