Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Game of the Season

   Mikes first game of football season was tonight. Even though they lost 8 to 10 it still was fun to watch.  I'm sure he never thought he would be back on a field again once he graduated from college so it was a nice surprise when his battalion said they were putting a team together.
   When he played college ball, he fractured his ring finger and never had it fixed so now it looks a (lot) little disfigured. He can not wear a wedding ring due to his knuckle being a size 13 and his the base of his finger a size 9 (I think). We looked into getting him a ring that has a clasp so he wont need to slide it on and off, just undo the clasp and pull it off. Well...in order to have these rings made you first have to buy a solid gold ring, then have it cut in half, then buy a solid gold clasp so that it can be welded onto the ring. Lets just say it was A LOT more then we were planning on spending. So for now my husband will look like  he is single walking around with no ring. He can also not bend or straighten it completely. Holding hands is a little different for us.
   What I am trying to get at is that during his last practice he has injured his right ring finger. So now he is walking around with 2 really messed up looking 3rd digits. I asked him why them, why not the longest finger you have( middle)? He had no answer.
    So lets just hope this season will not continue at this rate. We don't need any problems over a silly (but awesome) sport.


  1. Oh no sorry to hear your hubby got hurt, I hope its nothing seriously and it heals quickly!!