Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Turtle Bay

   While Mike and I were still living in North Carolina he had a phone call from a friend back home inviting us to his wedding. Little did his friend know that we were relocating far away across a ocean. Well just so happens that his friends honeymoon was going to be in the same state that we were relocating too. We met up with the newlyweds Monday night for dinner.
   We always passed by this resort and I always commented that we should have dinner and check it out sometime. Well this was a prefect opportunity because the couple was staying there and decided that we should go to Ola. It was a outdoor restaurant right on the water. It was pretty dark looking out so the ocean was only heard, not seen. Very nice place though with good food.
   Forgetting Sarah Marshal was filmed at this resort but I was a little disappointed that a lot of the scene's were just props and they took them down after filming was over.
Mike and I will definitely be coming back to see the rest of the resort. There is so many things that this 880 acres offers.

Just a few more hours left on my Giveaway!


  1. I have heard awesome things about this resort, would love to go there someday.

  2. Turtle Bay is beautiful. Me and some girl friends stayed there my last weekend on Island. You should totally check out their spa areas. And the night swimming and roasting marshmellows, talk about fabulous!!!