Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kualoa Ranch

 Mike and I went to Kualoa Ranch this afternoon to take a 2 hour tour on ATV's. This place has over 4,000 acres and is one of the most sacred places on Oahu. I knew this place would be absolutely so beautiful so I was excited to go. Raining all morning I was hoping it was going to clear up so we could get all of the views just such luck.

 Goats in a tree?

 I would have LOVED to take the tour on horseback but Mike was a little unsure about it.
Thinking about it now, all the horses are pretty "mature" and the tour would have been a lot slower. We probably wouldn't have been able to see as much as we did.
  People carved their names all over this tree's leaves. I just couldn't help myself.
 Out of all the TV/movies sites that the Ranch has been a part of...50 First Dates, Godzilla, LOST, You Me and Dupree, Hawaii 5-0, Pearl Harbor, Along Came Polly (and many more)...Jurassic Park is the only movie spot that we actually stopped at. Kinda disappointing because I take pictures of EVERYTHING!  I wish I would have been able to just snap a quick photo even if it wasn't anything special of the other spots.

  This is the set to the new movie Journey 2 -The Mysterious Island starring Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Michael Caine, Josh Hutcherson and Vanessa Hudgens.

  Sacred Fish Pond

Overall, pretty good tour.  Like I said earlier though, I wish we would have stopped at other places that signs had marked out were things were filmed. Maybe next time.


  1. Jurassic Park is one of my favorites!

    Great post!


  2. Very cool place to visit! What the heck kind of animal is in that tree?

  3. Very cool!! I love the goat in a tree lol. :)

  4. I love these pictures and I especially love the ones on your side bar. It is so nice to see that kind of relationship and that you have been there for him all those years! My boyfriend is getting out soon and I am so excited!

  5. My hubby and I went there too for our honeymoon. It was a blast. We also took the Lost tour in your last post. That was the best time we've had in our lives, Hawaii is such a beautiful place. :) Thanks for sharing, it brought back some great memories!!! :)