Sunday, September 23, 2012


   So while Mike was away at OCS 2 winters ago I was stuck home in Ohio in one of the worst winters that I can remember. Beside going to work, seeing family and going out with friends, I was also catching up on shows that I wanted to watch but never did. 
Netflix is awesome!
I was excited to start the TV show LOST. I had heard a few people talk about it when it first started but because I missed the first few episodes, I never got into it. Well sitting home on one of the snowy weekends I decided to press play. 
I'm pretty sure I made a world record with the time it took for me to watch all the seasons.
Finishing the show and loved it but never expected to able to live in the wonderful place that it was filmed. 
I took a drive out to the spots that may look familiar to some. 

The First stop was the beach that the Oceanic 815 crashed. Mokule'ia Beach (Tigers Point)

Quiet beach now but when filming started they actually had to move locations because it got to busy. They only used it for the 1st season.

Next I passed by "The Others" town. It is a YMCA and you had to pay and check in to walk around. I decided just to drive by.

 The Byodo-In Temple is used as Sun's fathers home. The bridge is where Jin purposed to Sun in a flash back. 

The Camp.
This beach was hard to find. I was about to give up looking for it but I gave myself 5 more minutes. There is still remnants of the set that is blocked off by a fence.

I'm a little disappointed in Kualoa Ranch. This place is the home to many many movies sites. Taking a tour and the tour guide passing right by Hurley Golf Course and the Bunkers. I would have at least liked to have stopped for a very brief
 second just to snap one picture.
Oh Well.
The only thing I did get a picture of was of what I think held the Hydrogen Bomb...?

Maybe we will take a trip back to ranch again and be able to see the rest of the places that we missed this time.
 There is a few places that I didn't stop by that are on the island that I know about.
The house that Hurley bought his mother when he won the lottery. I couldn't find the address to the house, and the Convention Center that was used as the airport that the flight took off from, it is a pain in the butt to get to. Downtown Honolulu with busy traffic. 

Looking at all of these spots makes me want to watch the show all over again. If you haven't watched it,  I would highly recommend!


  1. We didnt watch Lost until we got here and Im so glad that you posted stuff about it! We are going to check out a few spots this weekend! We have gone to the temple but Im excited to see the camp and the ymca where they filmed!

  2. OH MY GOD!!! I´m SOOOOOO jealous!!! Biggest LOST fan ever!
    Visiting these places is definitely on my bucket list!

    Wonderful pics!

    Stopping by from the "Monday MeetUp" - I´m definitely a new follower!

    Have a nice day,

  3. How cool! Thanks for sharing some real life pictures! I found you on the covered in grace blog hop

  4. How cool to be able to see all those places, I love LOST and of course who can resist to visit all those places when you live close by, thanks for sharing!!!

  5. I never watched lost either - unless watching a version of it on youtube made by cats counts?!

    It would be cool to go to the island where it and lots of things were filmed though.


  6. Ahh! Fun fun fun! I want to go do this tour!

  7. I've never watched a single episode. I watch so many shows already. Somehow, that one slipped through the cracks!

  8. Where is the LOST camp(beach)?! My husband and I recently moved to Oahu and we're huge LOST fans! We've been to a few spots, but never the camp.