Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Getting Ready for the Ball

*Warning* Disturbing images ahead.  

 Some of you have a pretty big night coming up this month. The Marine Corps Ball. The one night that you can get all dressed up looking your best in your long gown. (even though the night is really about your Marine). 
 These are my tips for looking perfect on that day!

1. Damage Color the Crap out of your Hair
I started coloring my hair around the age of 15, but I noticed around 23 that my parents genes started to kick in turning my hair gray, so I now will spend the rest of my life trying to cover it up. I do recommend going to salon to get this done. You wont make such a big mess and you will have a better outcome. But because I work at a salon and do NOT want to go in on my day off, I'm doing it at home.  Don't forget the eyebrows if they need to be helped as well.

2. Hair Mask
(Picture for 2, 3 &4) 
  Now that you ruined are one color (or several for those highlighted people) Apply your locks with a deep penetration conditioning mask. I love the It's a 10 product.

3. Get ride of those Stains
     Nobody like coffee stained teeth! Do all you can to get them shinny and white. (this is the first thing that I notice on a person when I fist meet them)

4. Clear your Skin
     If your like me, and it looks like you are going through puberty all the time, it is very necessary to dry out your face till the problem spots are suffocated.   

5.  Pedicure

 Make sure your toes are pretty even though your gown covers them. You don't want a slip up and people see your chipped gnarly piggies.

6.  De-Hair Yourself
 Make sure you have no lose hairs peeking out by your brows (or lip). Your makeup goes on so much better and your eyes look brighter when there is not a fuzz ball up there and they are neatly shaped.

7. Manicure
(no picture shown)
(I still have to go to work and I would be stupid to make them pretty and the moment I touch hair color all my hard work would go down the drain...they will look like my toes) 
    This is very important. You will be shaking people hands and holding a drink. People look at your claws so make them nice. Try to compliment your nails to your dress also. You don't want red nails with a purple dress.

8. Tan

My see through skin definitely needs a little of this. Living in Hawaii, its easy to get a nice glow but its a little more challenging not to have tan lines.

and the final step

8.  Make sure your dress is Perfect (shoes and jewelry)
     If you are like me and you had to have your dress altered, costing MORE then what the dress actually cost, you would think that they would have steamed it for you, but because they didn't think to do that to get a returning customer,  you now have to do it yourself.

*Now that you have seen me at my worse, (I feel bad for my husband) its your turn to follow the steps and make it a beautiful night.


  1. I love this post, I have done this for every Ball we have gone to...6 times now haha. It gets more fun each time. :)

  2. I'm just going to go to your house for next years ball!

  3. love this post!! my ball is saturday and i am doing all of this :)

  4. I have yet to go to a ball, but can't wait!! Thanks for all the tips!!

  5. I wanna see the Ball pictures!!! I'm sure you looked great! I seriously could use a pedi/mani day. I've heard really good things about those tan towels!??