Sunday, November 18, 2012

Old School

   Calling Cleveland home and hearing that a music group from there was coming to Hawaii it was a must that we bought tickets to see them. Even though they are "older" now, they brought back a lot of memories for me.
  I have been to many concerts in my day so far and I have to say that this was the best one I had ever seen! We were coming here thinking that they were going to sing one or two old school songs and the rest was going to be their new stuff because they have a new CD coming out. We were totally wrong. They sang All old and we LOVED it!
20 years after they first came out.....Bone Thugs and Harmony

 They put on such a great show!!!
I still love some good old school rap.  In my eyes this is what rap sounds like, not all this new stuff that's out there now. 

Too bad once again my camera sucks! I think its time to chalk it up and start bringing my big bulky one everywhere.

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  1. SOOOO jealous y'all went! I wanted to get tickets, but my hubs would have killed me if I went without him. That's awesome it wasn't their newer stuff too. Glad it was a great time for y'all!