Thursday, November 29, 2012

Waihee Falls

   Mike and I went on a little hike walk called the Waihee Falls. Its a easy gravel road leading up to a beautiful waterfall.


 DSCF6933.jpg DSCF6939.jpg

Now, there was another (not as big) waterfall called Hamama Falls along this hike but its a little difficult to find. After retracing our steps back the way we came, we were suppose to turn off the main road onto a muddy not so prominent path near a certain tree. I'm pretty sure we found that tree but it really looked like we could definitely get lost out there. I think it would be smart to do this hike with someone that actually knows were they are going. I really don't want to take the chance of having to call the rescue squad while getting eaten alive by misquotes.

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  1. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! :) I love that you get to see so much.