Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

    I love food, and this Thanksgiving was definitely full of it!
I prepared all of the "usual" courses that comes with the holiday. A few things that I have never made before (sweet potato casserole and green bean casserole) but it all turned out pretty well. The only thing I really had a problem with was keeping everything warm with only one oven. Once the turkey and ham were done I just shoved everything back in to try to warm it up again. I don't know how other people do it but for me it was pretty tricky.
  I definitely miss my mothers home cooking though. She makes everything taste so much better. This Christmas I am going to try to make more of  her style recipes but it probably still wont be the same.
   Thank goodness for her though. When Mike and I moved into our home back in Ohio, she gave me all of these amazing bowls and dishes that I just love. Instead of this meal being prepared in throw away tinfoil containers, I was actually able to have a "nice looking" setup. Thanks mom!

   My favorite part of the meal. You just can never have enough sweets.

   After the night was over, Mike, myself and one of Mikes friends headed out for Black Friday. I really wasn't feeling up to shopping, which is totally not like me but because I was up at 7:00am cooking ALL day and drank a little throughout the day and night so it just didn't feel as appealing as my bed. It was just hard to keep from yawning every 2 minutes while standing in lines. We went to 3 different places and got lots of unnecessary stuff that we didn't really need. My plan is always to shop for gifts for Christmas and instead we buy everything that we want to keep for our selves. Mike bought things to fill up his toolbox (tools) and a air compressor, which will be pretty handy because the air in my tires just doesn't want to stay in. We also purchased the new Kindle Fire which is pretty sweet and a few other things too. I did end up getting one gift out of the way which is a good feeling to check off the list. Standing in line for 50min just dragged the sleepiness out even more. I was ready to go to bed! 3:30am we were back home.
   I was pretty surprised at Oahu's Black Friday. I wasn't expecting the crowds to be the way that they were. For some reason I thought because we live on a island things would be a little more calm, but I should know better. People on this island are just as crazy as everyone on the mainland about sales.