Sunday, December 16, 2012

Aihualama Trail

  I had a hike planned today that was going to give us a good challenge but things changed when there was a little "situation".
   We went to Manoa Falls and enjoyed the quick muddy hike up to get to Aihualama Trail. 

    There are no snakes in Hawaii so I am guessing that this is a hammer head worm?
Check out my last adventure to Manoa Falls for more pictures....

  This trail eventually connects to the Nu'uanu Trail that we have already done. After walking and walking and walking some more we decided to turn around because we were hungry and I had to pee. We have already seen the views and it was pretty cloudy so they wouldn't have been that good anyways.
It was a very muddy day!


  1. holy heck that worm is huge!!

  2. I probably would of freaked seeing that long slimy thing, sounds like yall had a good time!!