Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bolo Update

Loving his duck
  We have noticed for the past 2 days that Bolo has been
dripping blood out of his "man" part. It has happened before about 3 months ago lasting 2 or so days but doing a little research on his symptoms, I chalked it up to him being a UN-neutered male (it said its normal sometimes). Well, now that it has happened again (and a little more then last time) I made a Dr. appointment for him to get checked just in case because the other problem it might be is prostate cancer.

   Having a blood test, a ultrasound, a urine analysis and a prostate exam the results are that he has a blood clot right next to his bladder. (yes, this vet bill was NOT cheap) He is now on antibiotics and will cross our fingers that the bleeding will stop in a few days. He doesn't seem to be in any pain so that's all that matters but I am sure tired of cleaning up drops of blood all over the floors. 
    I had also made another appointment a week from today.
I cant believe that it is finally going to happen. 7 Years and it  is now time. He will be getting his dingle berry's taken away, and in that process they also will be pulling a tooth. Poor guy will be all torn up.

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