Friday, December 14, 2012

Bolo Update

   So today is the big day for Bolo. I dropped him off early this morning to have some torcher at the vets. I scheduled the appointment for last week but decided to move it to this week because Mike and I could not agree on what he needed done. Of course Mike got his way and he is only going to be having a tooth pulled. I would have liked to neuter him while they were doing the tooth know how that goes. 
   He was not on his best behavior. 
Hopefully he wont cause to many problems while he is there. 


  1. :( Poor Bolo. Shaun doesn't want us to get Gunner neutered, but I'm convinced that it is the only way. Plus I'm hoping that it'll calm him down a bit!


  2. Poor thing, I hope is goes smoothly.