Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Michael!

Its my hubby's Birthday today. Big Old 28!
I asked him what he wanted to do for the day and shot out a ton of ideas but he wanted to be LAME and stay home to play video games.
Can you believe that?
I would have planned it TOTALLY different.
 His only request was that I make his aunt's sauce. (That means cooking all day)
I wasn't going to get him anything for his Birthday because he bought a lot of stuff for HIMSELF on Black Friday but...I gave in and let him pick out just one gift from under the tree. Every time the Radio Shack commercial came on for this helicopter he had to comment that he wanted one.
Big Kid!
This toy lasted almost 20 min.
 Bolo jumped up while it was in mid air and knocked it into the sink where there was a bowl of water.
Mike then tried to fix it by drying it out with my blow dryer and ended up melting it.

I also made him a little cake.
 I'm not sure if Cassata Cake is popular anywhere else in the states but it sure is in Cleveland. Of course it is the HARDEST cake EVER to make!
I had a few issues! you can tell
A reason to make a wish is always a good thing!
Happy Birthday Hunny!


  1. Happy Birthday, and the cake looks delicious!!

  2. What is with guys and remote control helicopters??! Shaun has been bugging me for one for monthssss. He hasn't entirely convinced me to get him one though probably for the exact reason that it will end up broken within 20 min :p


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