Sunday, December 23, 2012


   I think I gained 40 lbs just today alone.  
A good portion of the day was spent stuffing my face with some awesome food!
 We hadn't been to the famous Cinnamon's yet.... and because the Browns game started later then usual...we were finally able to go. 
It is very rare that Mike and I will wait at a restaurant for 45 min to get a table, but today that happened.   
 The amazing Red Velvet Pancakes. Who ever thought of this is a genius!
Yes... this was only one of the sides that I ordered and yes...that is white chocolate drizzled on top.

  After the game....Mike and I when to brave the Grocery store. OH MY! It was a big mistake that I waited 2 days before Christmas to do my shopping. 
I also have forgotten a few thing so will have to go again.

We were planning on going to a different restaurant that we hadn't been to yet for dinner, but decided to postpone that for a different day. Instead we headed to Haleiwa Joe's. I took this picture before we were seated. Such a beautiful garden that I wish we would have been able to explore.  
Mike made a comment that he hopes we get the table in the corner with the nice views....and we did!
We stuffed our faces with some delish food and I am now in a coma. I come!


  1. I have always wanted to try red velvet pancakes, I may have to just do it now. :)

  2. I LOVE Cinnamons! I used to live in Kailua and we ate there every time someone was in town or whenever a friend said they hadn't eaten there. Those red velvet pancakes are amazing and I also love their Kaluah pork eggs Benedict. Omg! I want it right now!