Thursday, June 20, 2013

Celebrity Sighting + A Lil Bit Older

This birthday came quick!
I'm never really prepared for them, but getting home from vacay and trying to settle back into my routine kinda made me forget that it was coming.
But it came and went and it was the best one that I have had in a long time. 
First off, Mike got a beautiful bokay of my favorite color flowers. 
I had mentioned a little bit ago to him that I wanted to try the restaurant that The Iron Chef Morimoto owns in Waikiki.
Well he surprised we with reservations.
We were really early getting there (because that's how Mike rolls) so we grabbed a seat at the bar to wait for our seat to open up. 
We ordered some drinks and got to talking a little with the bartender. 
He informed us that the Iron Chef was actually IN THE HOUSE.
So, I don't know about anyone else but I have been watching that show forever.
Even when it wasn't in English and they had to do the voice overs. 
So we finally were seated out on the lanai with the view of the harbor.
We ordered a bottle of wine with the shrimp tempura. 
(which I didn't take a picture of but it was very good)

My main course was the surf and turf 
For some weird reason...I didn't think to actually READ what the surf n turn came with.
Lets just say that was the first time I have ever eaten Poke. (a raw fish know in Hawaii) 
I guess this would have been the place to try it.
I swear I thought I was getting lobster though.

Mike ordered the duck. 
It came three different ways.
I don't eat duck but he said it was very good.

Desert was the fruit sorbet (on the house) 
 And also this crazy good peanut butter, chocolate mouse cake with peanut butter ice cream .
Dinner was to die for! 
We were stuffed and satisfied. 
 But I still needed to get a picture of the big guy.
The bartender earlier said that he is hardly ever there, so I had to take advantage of this opportunity.
Mike ordered a bottle of Morimoto's beer and asked our waiter if he would ask him to sign it for us.
  $38 bottle, I would hope he could take the time to just scribble on it real quick.
Next, all of a sudden we are walking over to him with the bottle in hand and saying hello.
(Hating my hair!)
So cool! 
It made me sick how much we spent on dinner and drinks but this restaurant/food was worth it. 
It was a special evening with my husband that involved a lot of smiles and laughter.   
 End to a great birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday.
    What an awesome night!

  2. How cool was that?!!
    Glad you had a great birthday!

  3. Wow how how amazing was this what a great birthday you had, one you won.t forget your pictures are amazing you need to do something with your talent