Saturday, June 22, 2013

Makua Cave & Pray for Sets Beach

 Ke'ana Point is the northern tip of Oahu.
We decided to explore one of the caves out there.

We were hoping to find maybe some petroglyphs hidden...but no such luck.

On the Islands of Hawaii, there are many sacred areas.

We decided to see how the snorkeling was on this side of the island. 
Pleasantly surprised!

 We watched about 10 spinner dolphins jump out of the water in the distance...and I have not 1 photo.
 This beach was well worth the drive. We will be definitely heading back here soon.
(picture courtesy of Kegan Clausen) 


  1. I am so excited you posted about this, my best friend is about to visit and this is one of the places I am planning on taking her too. I like visiting all the sacred sites. Gorgeous!

    Marissa over at

  2. Gorgeous. Fantastic pictures. I miss Hawaii.

  3. Fantastic pictures, the ocean is so beautiful.


  4. Cool pics! When visiting the cave don't forget about the legend of the shakr-man: