Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chicago Trip

 Our first stop back on the mainland was to Chicago.
Mikes good friend from college was getting married so that was our main purpose of going. We didn't want to just land, go to the wedding and leave, so we stayed a little extra to see the city. 
The first day we were there, we had a free day to spare before the "wedding" stuff started, so we started with a Cubs game at Wrigley Feild. (oldest ballpark)
 The Cubs were playing the White Sox, so the stands were pretty much half and half.
  We saw our first grand slam live... from the Cubs pitcher.
 Mike always has to represent Cleveland in some way.
Area Code 216
Next, we went to the Sky Deck at the Sears Willis Tower. 
It is on the 103 floor in the tallest building in Chicago.

 Coming to Chicago, we new that we had to try the food that they are known for.
 Of course I had to add to the lovely decor.
 Ordering a deep dish meant waiting a hour for it to cook.
Although it was good....I am still a thin slice kinda gal.
 The second day was the rehearsal dinner so we slept in late because of the time change and just relaxed in the hotel till it was time. 
 And the big day

Such a fun time!
I Love Weddings!
The next day we actually moved hotels.
One that was closer to the city.
Moving pretty much took us all day, so there was no point to head into the city that late. We decided to have dinner close to our new place.
This was our last and final day so we got up really early and took the trek in town with EVERYONE else! 
Buckingham fountain
Does it look familiar to anyone???
TV show from back in the day!?
 The opening intro to Married with Children.
 Chicago Dog
 Next, we walked to the Navy Peir
  Walked around and ate lunch here...(at a not so great place)
 And from there we took architectural tour down the Chicago river.
 Willis Tower
 Trump Tower (second largest)
 Windows Washers are CRAZZZY!
 This building on the left had the most rooms/windows in the USA in till the Pentagon was built.
 The front of this building was used in the Batman movies as the Police station. The inside was used as the Bank robbery scene in the Dark Night.
This tour was really interesting! 
They talked a lot about the fire that burned Chicago down in 1871 and how it was built back up.
After that we took a water taxi to the Field Museum.
There are so many museum to choose from but I thought this one sounded pretty neat. 
 It has the most complete T-Rex ever recovered. Her names Sue.

This place was really cool! 
Stuffed animals, gems, rare plants, mummy's, sharks....I could go on and on.
After seeing that, we took a long walk to a very touristy spot in Millennium Park.
 The Bean 

 Can you see us?
We walked down the Mag Mile but didn't stop and shop.
We were on our way to see one more thing, but decided against it. We grabbed dinner and headed back to the hotel. 
Cant you say tired!
 Overall, I can say that this was a pretty great trip.
Chicago is very military friendly which was so nice being how expensive everything is. Mike rode the trains for free and water taxi, half off the tours, and discounts on the hotels and museum.
Leaving here we felt pretty fulfilled!
We stopped at one other city on our mainland trip, but that has to be saved for another day.


  1. I love your dress for the wedding, so pretty!

  2. Wow! That looks like an awesome trip. I love that you enjoyed every moment. (Too many people don't take advantage of those opportunities.)

  3. Yall were really busy but it looks like you had a great time!!!! I've only been to Chicago once but it was just for a day. Id love to go back!!

  4. Looks like a great trip! I'd love to visit the Field one day. :)

  5. Aaaah you did all the things that I want to do! Although, as much as I plan on eating Chicago pizza, I'm a think crust kind of gal too. Well not too thin, but I haven't liked most Deep Dish in the past. We shall see! You looked BEAUTIFUL!