Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cleveland Visit

After our fun trip to Chi Town, we rented a car and headed east.
Cleveland looks a little different then where we were coming from.
We hadn't been home for 2 years so there was lots to catch up on....mostly food family .
We stayed at my parents house, so that means I got to spend most of my time with my first love, Toby.
I miss her like crazy! 
 We stopped at some places that remind me of home.
Picking apples in the fall, pumpkins during Halloween, strawberry's in the summer...ect...its the ultimate fruit farm.
 They also make their own apple juice (which is to die for) all different kinds of jam and amazing pies.
This is a very popular spot!
We decided to just go with apple juice and a dutch apple pie. I coulda spent a fortune in this place.
  Squires castle is a well known hiking walking spot in the Cleveland Metroparks.

We walked the grounds a little after exploring the castle.
We also swung by the house we own to make sure everything on the outside was up to wasn't.
I wrote a post awhile ago on all the things I really miss from home.
 (Hawaii has NONE of these yummy places to eat)
Mike and I took full advantage of being back, and I gained 10 lbs!
Ahh!!! So good! 

If you don't know about about Jersey Mikes let me just tell you whats up. Its just like Subway but...they shave all the deli meat right in front of you. 
So its way fresher.
My mom saved these.
Christmas Ale is a seasonal beer in Cleveland.
Thanks mom!
Great bar food.
 OK, So I need to talk about this place! It is in down town Cleveland. Not in the best neighborhood, but its worth the risk!
Every type of person is in line. People in full suits to construction workers.
And the line is always out the door.
President Bush, President Clinton and Rachel Ray, just to name a few that have been here to eat.
It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode with the soup nazi, but the guys that work there are actually really nice.
I am salivating just thinking about it.
More then a pound of the leanest corn beef ever. 
I can never finish it.
Mmm..soo good!
My sister and her fiance also came into town, so the day was spent cleaning up a few things in my parents yard. They are still remodeling their home...but its coming along.
 We took a walk into their back yard.
Lots of things for Toby to smell.
My sister, fiance, Mike and I took a trip into Cleveland to see the towns very first casino.
It opened last year.
 Its was packed!
 I lost.
Mike and I made a really quick stop at the duckpond.
 I grew up going here.
 It looks so different. There used to be tons and tons of ducks here. And it use to be a lot cleaner. The water looks disgusting now...  :(

 This visit was so nice. We weren't able to spend a ton of time in Cleveland but we did see all of the people that we wanted to visit with.
The trip home was a doozy though.
We left at 9am (Cleveland time) for a road trip back to Chi town because that's where we were flying out of.
We had to drop the car off before 6pm because the rental car place closes.
We arrived in Chicago around 3:30pm (their time)
Our flight didn't leave in till 10:30pm.
We arrived in LA at 1am (their time)
Slept in the USO
Our flight was leaving at 8:30am
We finally touched down in Honolulu at 12pm (Hawaii time) the day after we left.
Yes! That was 2 days of travel time.
I wanted to die!
But it feels so wonderful to be home. Weather has been beautiful and I missed my big puppy.


  1. So glad you had a great trip, but it's definitely nice to get home.

  2. I have never been to Cleveland, so I enjoyed looking at the pictures of your trip. I would love to visit a fruit farm to pick apples, pumpkins and strawberries. The apple festival and pumpkin patch are the closest we have ever been to a fruit farm. We like to purchase the apple cider, pumpkin roll and small Whoopie pies from the shop.