Friday, June 14, 2013

Sharks Cove

  This well known beach doesn't have the best "name", but it does have the best snorkeling on the island...
(my opinion.)
North Shore finally has calmed down from the big waves due to winter time, so the first day that I was able to go, I was there!
It is ranked the 12th most beautiful shore dive place in the world
(Scuba Diving Magazine)

 Fish in a row!?

 Yes, they really are that big!

 Scuba's dream. I really need to get certified!

Have I mentioned latley how much I love Hawaii?


  1. Gorgeous photos I have yet to visit Sharks Cove every time I go the wave are insane!! :)

    Marissa over at

  2. I'm with you. I absolutely LOVE it here.
    What kind of underwater camera are you using? My son wants one and yours takes amazing photos.