Sunday, June 16, 2013

North Shore Outing

Mike and I decided to take a drive to the North Shore today.
First stop was Turtle Bay Resort
We came here wanting to check it out, but ended up not staying to long.
 The main beach
 Surfing Lessons
  Next we swung by Waimea Valley.
I have yet to see the falls. I cant really come to terms with paying to see the them.
 Oahu has way better ones for free.
 Every North Shore trip has to have a pit stop at Cholos
Finally beach time
Haleiwa Beach Park 

And on our way home we decided to pay for the most expensive shrimp ever.

Overall, pretty great end to our weekend.


  1. What are your honest thoughts about Turtle Bay? I've been tempted to check them out myself. I hear they have horseback riding right on the beach, but it's crazy expensive.

    We did the Waimea Valley Falls. It wasn't worth the money.

  2. I haven't been to north shore in so long!