Monday, April 28, 2014

2 Months!

Emma...what the heck!
Already 2 months!
60 Days!
1460 Hours!
87658 Minutes!
OK, Ill stop.

 I cant get over how fast it all goes. 
This little girl has changed so much in these last few weeks. 
So much more alert. 
She likes to sit up and look around instead of laying down to be held. 
Car rides, stroller walks, and being held in the Ergo are just a few of the things that she really enjoys. 
But the thing that I think she really enjoys the most is...bath time! 
 So far she has been a really happy baby. 
The only time she is really upset is when she is hungry. 
And as long as I can feed her at that moment she is all good.

She has been working on holding up her head. It is getting there but still not 100%.
Also, I can tell she is awake more throught the day. Her naps have really cut down which makes doing chores around the house a bit tricky. 
She has started to wear her 3 month clothing. They are still a touch big on her but the newborns are becoming more difficult to get on over her head so we have put them away for good.

Her two month check up is right around the corner. I'm not looking forward to that day at all! After all the vaccines she will be getting pumped into her tiny body I'm sure the rest of the day will be a nightmare...and maybe even the next day.

Im looking forward for her to start smiling. Not just on accident or when she makes a poo, I mean when
I talk to her or make a funny sound.
 That's going to be the best.

Emma holding her head up.
(This is what a nursing mama's house looks like. A bra right next to your husbands head) 


  1. look at her holding her head! nash is doing okay, but hes only 6 maybe he'll be getting better soon :) She is such a stinking doll!

  2. Happy 2 months sweet Emma!

  3. Time does go by quickly love the pic of her sitting with Mike she is holding her head up good also after she gets her shots she will probably sleep mine always did and they were okay I know it's scary the first time with everything that's goes on but it will be okay she looks great