Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Town Party

The little town that I live in has the feel of being very artsy. Everyone seems to be a painter, photographer, woodworker, on and so on. 
The town party is where they all come to sell their work. I love to go to look at all the interesting stuff... 
and eat!
This table had everything you could think of all made out of alcohol bottles.
 Lamps made out of 40oz, Vases out of Grey Goose, Heineken jewelry
Pretty cool stuff but very expensive!

  I'm a little pissed at myself for not buying one of these coconuts. :(
Fish Heads
 Turtle Heads

I wish I could put a paintbrush to a canvas and make something beautiful.

Very Hawaiian

Wood Jewelry

Of course I couldn't leave without some Kalua Pork...

 And seeing a dog with a GoPro on his back
Such a fun place to look around and see things that would only be in Hawaii.