Saturday, April 26, 2014

We Made It To 3!

(April 25th)
Mike and I made it to three years!
Boy, what a year!(in a good way)
The new number of divorces in America is 50%!!! Wow! 
Well, I had a great 3 years if its gonna end that way...or 7 if we count dating.
Hes not going anywhere!

 Oh Byron,
We will never forget you. 
You peculiar man you.
You made my wedding day very.....interesting.

We laid pretty low this anniversary. 
Just a quick little beach day after lunch.
Emmas hat engulfed her. I should have probably tried it on her before we left...but when it says newborn to 6 months...I thought it might be just a touch big, not 10 sizes.

 Trying to put up a tent for shade on a windy day was a no go...impossible! 
She is slathered in sun screen.

The hubby also surprised me with a something I have been talking about for awhile but would never buy for myself.
 I'm so excited to use it.
My photo quality will be looking a lot different soon!
The rest of the night was snuggled up with a 2 month old and a 80lb puppy...and of course Mike too.