Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Does This Really Work? - Hair Care

Being a hair stylist for 11 years now, I feel like I have seen it all... and if not all, then pretty close. 
I came across this on Youtube the other day and thought I would test it out.
(there are a bunch of videos explaining how to do this...i just picked a random one)

I am a total skeptic! 

I personally feel that beautiful hair first comes from your genes, also how you take care of your mane and lastly, the things that you put into your body. 
*Your genes are pretty much common sence. 
The hair you have, whether it is a thick cuticle or thin, it is what you got. It matters how you take care of what you have to keep it healthy.
*The care for your hair is extremely important!
Getting regular trims might be a little scarey for someone that wants to grow their hair out, but it is 100% necessary and should not be put off too long. When hair becomes split at the ends, the split actually travels up the hair if it isn't taken care of, meaning that when you actually do end up going for a trim you will be having to cut off more then you actually wanted to just to make the hair healthy again.
My recommendation is getting a little trim every 2 months...especially if you put a lot of stress on your hair (color, blow drying, curling, flat ironing).
Next, a good shampoo & conditioner!
It makes a difference! 
Your hair is old and this it where it gets its nutrition. If  it is to your shoulders (or longer), that hair is already a year old.
That hair needs some moisture back into it!
I also recommend doing a hair mask.
A deep conditioner that can really seep into the hair shaft.
* Finally, The hair is attached to your head by a bulb (root). That root needs to be healthy in order for it to be strong from the inside out. That means eating well and maybe taking a little vitamin to help for a little extra boost.
(B12/ Biotin)

So with all that said...I thought this would be a little experiment to see if home remedies really do work
 (at least this one).

 This person claims that your hair can grow 1 whole inch in 7 days.
Well... hair goes through 3 stages. Some of your hair will be growing, others are resting, while others are shedding.
Its also known that hair grows a little over a 1/2 a inch a month (everyone is a little different) but that's about the normalcy, so that's why I am doubtful that this experiment will even work.  

With all of that said...here it goes!
Looks like 16 3/4 inches
~What I did
(this was done right before bed)
 -coconut oil
-warmed up in hot water
-stimulate blood flow by massaging/brushing scalp
-tip head upside down for 10 min 
-wrapped hair before bed
-shampooed in the morning

Looks like it is right at 17 inches

So, I think this is a bust for me. 
There was no inch grown in a week. 
My hair does feel nice a silky (after I scrub it to death because I wanted to get all the oil out of it).

Test it out, see if it works for you! :)


  1. great tips. I love coconut oil on my hair, but it definitely hasn't made my hair grow any faster. My sister's hair grows "fast" but she has great thick hair that doesn't break. I think it really does depend half on genes and the other half how you take care of it. Thanks for sharing.

    Sisters, Sisters

  2. I am currently done losing massive amounts of hair due to post partum. It is now growing back, and I have all these baby hairs all over the place. I started using a bit pricey shampoo (Pureology), but it seems to be helping the hair grow back a little faster!

  3. Hmmm... interesting! I've heard that is good for conditioner but never heard of it making your hair grow...