Monday, August 12, 2013

Almost 10 Weeks

*This post was written on 8/7/13*

I had my 2nd Dr.s appointment this morning and everything went well. The baby is on the right track and the heartbeat is very strong.
The Dr. discuses a few issues with me about my blood type that kind of made me a little nervous. Myself being AB-, and Mike being A+ makes things a little tricky. I'm just going to read about it a little more and I'm sure I will be all worked up over nothing.
I'm still feeling really really well. No symptoms whats so ever...still just pimples and hunger. I have started to tell people now which is pretty exciting. Everyone wants to give you their advice and story, which I don't mind. I want to hear the good, bad and ugly.
3 more weeks and we could possibly be finding out what we are having.
Very exciting!


  1. So glad that you are feeling well. :)

  2. PS, I also love that you still wrote posts but waited until you made the announcement before you posted them all! :)

  3. I am gonna be an aunt.... na na na na na na!

  4. Congrats :) Its swet how you are tracking this :D
    Following you on GFC. Will appreciate if you follow back and return the support too :D
    Red Alice