Monday, August 19, 2013

At Home Gender Testing

 I am headed to the Dr. Wednesday to have a 4D Ultrasound done which will be pretty cool. I still think its really early to be finding out the gender but they told me that they will hopefully be telling us that too. 
We will see though. 
In my mind I'm still not even are they going to see something that little. But what do I know. Technology is amazing.
I found a couple things on You Tube that I decided to give a try....just for fun.
 ~The Baking Soda/Pee:
(sorry you have to look at my pee)
Supposedly, if it fizzles when you mix them you are having a boy. If it does nothing, girl.
I would say that's a little fizzle???
I also read there are a few variables. 
Morning pee sometimes works better. (this was done before bed)
How fresh the backing soda is (which mine probably isn't that fresh)

~The Even or Odd Test:
When you combine my age and the year.
If it come out to be a even number, its a girl. Odd is a boy.

 ~Beats Per Minute: 
140 BPM or over - Girl
Under 140 BPM - Boy
My last test, baby was 169 BPM 

~The Chinese Gender Test:
So this is ''supposedly" 99% accurate.

Woman's Birth Year: 1985 Month: 6 Day: 19 Time Zone: EST
  Conception Year: 2013 Month: 6 Day: 12 Time Zone: HST
 It's a boy!  (Chinese Age 29 at Lunar month 5)

It the mixture turns brown, its a Boy
Stays the same, Girl
It was just a bunch of bubbles and foam so there was no telling...
but when I poured it out, it was still yellow.

 Morning Sickness = Girl 
No Morning Sickness = Boy 
Iv had NONE

Acne= Girl
Iv definitely had a good amount of pimples. (Iv always had crappy skin though)

Craving Sweets = Girl
This has never changed...For 28 years of my life I have been craving sweets.

So there ya have it:
4 Boy 
3 Girl
(I didn't count the Acne or sweets) 

So this really didn't help at all... too close to call it
I think Ill just leave it up to the sonogram. 
Hopefully Wednesday I will have news to share!

Just so your not thinking of my pee when you leave this post...


  1. My first was a girl and my second is a boy, and my pregnancies have been the EXACT same. The only difference is that with our son, I am showing way less, and I was not in maternity clothes until I was around 23 weeks. With my daughter, I was in maternity clothes by 15 weeks!

  2. How awesome!!!! Can't wait to hear what you are having. :)

  3. Haha...these are so fun!

    Semper Wifey