Monday, August 12, 2013

5 Weeks

*Picture was taken the day I found out, 6-26-2013*
  *This post was written on 7-7-2013*

Well, I still cant believe it. 5 weeks today.  I made my Dr. appointment for our first checkup the other day, so that is coming up soon. Mike is not going to be able to make it though. He left for the Big Island today for a month long of training. 
I have been trying to down as much water as I can and eat better, hoping that that will make the upcoming weeks a bit easier. 
We have yet to tell our family's. We wanted to wait for the 1st Dr.s appointment and also when he gets home. I always look (even when I wasn't pregnant) all the cute ways to tell your family, but I haven't settled on one way yet.
 I still have been feeling really good. The beach was so perfected today that I couldn't resist not getting in.

I'm nervous about the upcoming symptoms that I will probably start feeling. I picked up extra hours at work, so that might be a little difficult to keep going at the rate that I am if I feel like crap.
We are so excited and cant wait to hear the heartbeat.

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