Monday, August 12, 2013

8 Weeks

*This post was written on 7-24-13*

I don't really feel like I am showing yet, but I do think I am starting to have a little pudge in my belly. I am hungry ALL the time, so I think I have put on a few, couple, lot of weight. I'm talking about snacks next to my bed because I wake up STARVING, kinda hungry. I have still been feeling really well. It almost feels like I am not even pregnant because I don't have any symptoms (except for the eating) of pregnancy...oh and pimples. Cant forget about those.
Mike comes home tomorrow so Iv been busy stocking the fridge and cleaning the house. He wont be here too long though. In just a short time he will be off again for more training. I have another Dr. appointment coming up that he will miss again, which is no big deal. The only one I really care about is when we find out what we are having. I just hope he can make it for that one.
Oahu has been beautiful lately. 
Thank goodness I am still able to soak up the beach with my pup. 
 Thinking about the time that we have left here makes me a little sad. Yes, its just over a year longer, but now that I am pregnant, things are definitely going to be changing with all of my adventures before I leave. 


  1. I didn't start showing with my first till I was almost 17 weeks!

  2. Soak it up and enjoy the island life as much as you can before you leave!!!!